Be a Capilano Community Park Helper!

Be a Capilano Community Park Helper!

We can keep our park clean and safe with everyone’s help.  Please use the litter bins and encourage others to do so.  Sand on the sidewalk is slippery – if you are feeling ambitious and know that you are going to be hanging out at the park for some time while your children play, then feel free to bring a broom and sweep the sidewalks.  It’s great exercise!  Thank you to those who have already been helping to keep our park safe and clean!

Also, it is wonderful to see the spray deck being used on warm days – what a great addition it has been to our Park!  However, please consider refraining from pressing the spray deck “on sensor” if you or your children are not planning on going into the water on a cooler day.  For health reasons (children sometimes drink it), the water flowing out of the spray deck is fresh water (not recycled).  Only press if you’re going in! Thanks!

Responsible Dog Ownership

Responsible Dog Ownership

Many residents of Capilano enjoy their family dog.  That enjoyment is attached to responsibility not only to your dog, but to your neighbours as well.  As such, being a good neighbour is important in our community.  Please be respectful and responsible by:

  1. Keeping your dog on a leash and off private property.
  2. Not allowing your dog to “No. 1” on private property such as trees, hedges, bushes, flowers, etc.
  3. Making sure you “scoop”! Dog owner-ship and “scooping” go hand in hand. It’s not okay to leave it for your neighbor to deal with.  Also, don’t leave your “scoop” in someone else’s garbage can or on top of someone’s garbage bags.  Take it home and dispose of safely.
  4. Staying off of school grounds, sports fields and playgrounds in Capilano. This bylaw infraction can cost you $100.00 if you are caught by animal control.
  5. Minimizing barking. The City of Edmonton website indicates that “Barking is natural for dogs when they are bored, lonely or want to alert their owners of something. However, excessive barking can disturb and upset your neighbours. Make sure your dog is a good neighbour by addressing excessive barking through dog training, socializing, exercising and family interaction”.

Let’s keep Capilano a great community for all.  For more information please refer to the City of Edmonton website (

Capilano Area Parks

Nestled in a cozy bend in the North Saskatchewan River, the Capilano Community boundaries extend from 110th Ave to the North, to 106th Ave in the South and from 43rd Street to the East and 70th Street to the West. The community is located within 10 minutes of the downtown core, and is across the river, following Wayne Gretzky Drive, from Rexall Place – home of the Edmonton Oilers NHL hockey team. Capilano is bordered by the communities of Goldbar to the East, Fulton Place to the South and Highlands to the North across the river.

Edmonton’s River Valley is the largest stretch of urban parkland in North America with 7400 hectares. This vast parkland is approximately 21 times larger than Central Park in New York City. Besides 22 different park areas, Edmonton’s river valley has: more than 150 kilometers of trails, 4 lake systems with a total of 11 lakes, 14 ravines, and the North Saskatchewan River Basin. There are endless recreational opportunities when you visit the River Valley. The following two river valley parks are within Capilano Community:

  • Goldbar Park is in the city’s east end, between 101st Ave to the south and 109th Avenue to the north. It extends from the bank of the North Saskatchewan River to 50th Street. Goldbar Park is linked to Rundle Park by a footbridge. Goldbar offers picnic sites and great hiking, biking, and skiing trails.
  • Capilano Park is located on 109th Avenue and 50th Street. This park offers barbeque grates and shelter for family picnics. Capilano also has great access to one of only two boat launches available in the city.

In addition to the river valley parks, Capilano Community has two neighbourhood parks:

  • Thiele Park recognizes Alexander Harold Thiele (1920-1981) who was a lawyer involved with the German Canadian community.
  • Samis Park is named after Earl Samis (1895-1970) who dedicated 50 years of service to recreation in Edmonton.