Capilano Community Memberships

Capilano Community Memberships

Need a Capilano Community Membership for September 1, 2018 to August 31, 2019?

Available at TGP Grocers (5036 – 106 Ave) and now at Servis Credit Union (Capilano Mall), or contact Jean at 780-863-0914.

Memberships are only $20 for a Family Membership, $10 for an Individual Membership, and $10 for a Seniors Membership, and come with many benefits, including discounted passes at City facilities!

EPCOR’s Community Liaison Committee

We are looking for a member of the Capilano community to join our Community Liaison Committee (CLC).  The CLC meets to discuss issues, programs and projects relating to the Gold Bar Wastewater Treatment Plant and helps EPCOR better understand community priorities related to wastewater service delivery.  The time commitment is two evenings per year.

If you are interested in participating in the CLC, please contact Lindsay at or (780) 412-3390.

‘A Great City is an Open City’, an article from Councillor Henderson

A Great City is an Open City

To improve the way we as a city go about developing and renewing our neighbourhoods, City Council has launched a special initiative to improve public engagement, community collaboration and citizen participation. The Open City Initiative is a three year initiative (2014-2017) at the end of which we hope to have a procedure in place that improves public consultation by enhancing openness, transparency, and accountability.  Over the next three years the initiative will review best practices from around world, consult with Edmontonians and other stakeholders, and work to build capacity.

Strong public engagement and consultation is crucial to the success of city government meeting the needs of Edmontonians. Public engagement at its best sees City Administration working with residents, community leagues, local businesses, non-profits and stakeholders to develop effective and meaningful solutions for the problems we face in our city. What we want to avoid is public engagement that can feel like an exercise in marketing, rather than true engagement. Policy may appear to be developed in a vacuum, and public meetings at times feel like the place where residents are informed about what has already been decided, rather than consulted about what citizens would like.


The first part of the City’s initiative is to start the conversation about public engagement. This conversation is facilitated by nine workshops at various locations around Edmonton during the month of November, as well as meetings, surveys, and an on-line discussion guide.  The purpose of the discussion guide is to help citizens become aware of issues and discuss what we’ve learned about public engagement around the City.

The goal of the Open City Initiative is to ensure that The City of Edmonton and its citizens are innovative, inclusive and engaged. A great city is an open city.

You can learn more about the Open City Initiative and resister for the workshops at

Feel free to contact me at, call me at 780 496 8146, or follow me on Twitter, @ben_hen.

Neighbours helping Neighbours at Christmas Time

For each of us, the traditions of the Christmas season are celebrated in different ways, but the one tradition that is similar for many of us is celebrating with a meal.  But did you know that for 65,000  Edmontonians this year, the simplest traditions – eating together – will not be possible without the help of the Christmas Bureau of Edmonton?

Since 1940, the Christmas Bureau has worked to make sure Edmontonians in need get a festive meal at Christmas time, providing food hampers or food gift cards to meet all cultural and dietary needs.

“Each year, Edmontonians donate money, sponsor hampers, hold fundraisers and volunteer their time to support the Christmas Bureau,” says Darlene Kowalchuk, Christmas Bureau campaign director.  “We truly are about the neighbours helping neighbours during the festive season – and we need Edmontonians to help again this year to provide the simplest of traditions for families, seniors and individuals in need in our city.”

Many clients turn to the Christmas Bureau for a few years of help during a difficult time.  Some, particularly seniors and Edmonton’s working poor, face a day-to-day battle to meet their needs on a fixed- or low-income.  Some have suffered a medical crisis that has left them unable to work or they’ve lost their jobs.  Some, particularly single parents, have returned to school to improve their family’s circumstances.  And some have moved to Canada for a better live but struggle with the costs of settling in a new city.  

In the words of one Christmas Bureau client, “No one expects to fall on hard times, but it’s nice to know if it ever happens, Edmonton has organizations like the Christmas Bureau to help you out.”

Please visit or call 780-421-(XMAS) to donate, sponsor a food hamper, hold a fundraiser or volunteer with the Christmas Bureau.

Questions? See our Quick Facts about the Christmas Bureau

An Article from Councillor Henderson — “Winter Parking Conundrum”

The Winter Parking Conundrum

Three years ago, the winter streets of Edmonton rarely saw a full cycle of neighbourhood blading. At that time, citizens were quite vocal that the general policy of ‘freeze it where it falls until it thaws,’ was not sufficient. In response, Council introduced neighbourhood blading to improve winter driving conditions and overall snow removal.


The current blading program has some strong benefits, but also some major downfalls. On-street parking and the inconvenience it causes to both residents and snow removal crews, is one of the most regular complaints that my office receives.


I understand that to restrict residential parking to garages, driveways and parking pads is not realistic for some families, especially in dense neighbourhoods. However, I also understand that continuing to allow parking on both sides of narrow residential streets may not be the most practical approach considering our snowy winters.

We attempt to minimize windrows but in so doing we still leave 5cm of snow on the roadway that creates havoc in thaw cycles. As we move through February and the snow builds up, many Edmonton streets are beginning to look like shallow trenches, just wide enough to allow for one vehicle to drive by, never mind two lanes of traffic.


The current policy attempts to balance everyone’s needs by maintaining on-street parking access for motorists, while providing neighbourhood blading for smoother movement through residential areas. Perhaps by trying to have the best of both worlds, we are actually selling ourselves short on both ends.


How should we move forward? I have heard support for a program that would allow residential parking on one side of the street. I have also heard support to go to a rotating short-term neighbourhood ban during scheduled blading. If we could leave a windrow on one side of the street with no parking and ensure there were openings for sidewalks and driveways then we could actually plow to the pavement instead of blading to 5cm and hoping it did not melt and leave quality parking space on the other side.. Is Edmonton ready for this? This winter has not been without its challenges and frustrations. I would like your response on these ideas, so City Council can consider these conversations to decide how to make our winter-city safer and more agreeable to all.


Please feel free to contact me anytime at or at 780.496.8146. Follow me on Twitter @ben_hen

Capilano Playschool presents . . . Why is My Preschooler Having a Tantrum?

Why is My Preschooler Having a Tantrum?

Capilano Playschool would like to invite you to a free information session on Tuesday, February 25 at 7pm at the Playschool Classroom located at Hardisty School (10534 – 62 Street)

Childcare is provided for your children during the 1 hour session.   Parents can often feel frustrated and confused when trying to understand why their preschoolers are upset, sad, scared or tantruming for no apparent reason. Psychologist Dr. Adrienne Matheson will discuss strategies to support preschoolers in their early socio-emotional development. Dr. Matheson will also discuss the research supporting the importance of early attachment, and will offer concrete strategies to support your preschooler during the early years. 

Although RSVP is not necessary, it would be greatly appreciated so we can plan accordingly.

For more information or to reserve your spot please contact email or call 780-802-9307.