EPCOR’s Expansion Plans: more than a parking lot…?

In April 2018, a group of concerned residents and park-users–Save Gold Bar Park Alliance–began working together to raise awareness of EPCOR’s rezoning application for a portion of Gold Bar Park.  The application involves rezoning a parkland at the entrance of Gold Bar Park for plant expansion and parking.

Save Gold Bar Park Alliance held community meetings in May and June to share ideas and gain support for preserving parkland for residents and park-users.  Members also met with EPCOR and Councillor Ben Henderson to share concerns and pose questions from community, and clarify aspects of EPCOR’s expansion plans.

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Thefts from garages are a problem

Here are some things you can do to secure your garage and vehicle:

  • –Always lock your vehicle if you park outside.
  • –Never leave a garage door opener or spare keys in your vehicle.
  • –Remove all valuable from your vehicle, including cell phones, laptops, wallets, purses, cash, sunglasses and spare change.
  • –Always lock the side door on your garage.

Learn more at www.edmontonpolice.ca/crimeprevention.aspx

Volunteer Opportunity – SECLA Rep

Capilano Community League is seeking a Capilano resident to represent it on the board of directors of the South East Community Leagues Association (SECLA).

SECLA, which consists of 11 community leagues in central southeast Edmonton, seeks to strengthen community networks by providing a forum for collaboration, discussion and the sharing of information.  It also provides funding for the Southeast Voice community newspaper.  The board typically meets the fourth Thursday of each month for two hours.

If you are interested in this volunteer opportunity, please contact Kris Cramer at 780-720-9003.

No Mosquitoes, Rain, or Snow

No Mosquitoes, Rain, or Snow

In a city where it’s seemingly winter eight months a year, the benefits of indoor soccer are pretty obvious.  Games are short and sweet—one hour of fast-paced, nonstop action.

Indoor soccer registration for the 2018–19 season has commenced.  Please complete the online registration at emsasoccerportal.com, and then plan to attend one of the in-person sessions which will be soon confirmed on the soccer portal.

Please contact hardistysoccer@shaw.ca if you have any questions.

Be a Capilano Community Park Helper!

Be a Capilano Community Park Helper!

We can keep our park clean and safe with everyone’s help.  Please use the litter bins and encourage others to do so.  Sand on the sidewalk is slippery – if you are feeling ambitious and know that you are going to be hanging out at the park for some time while your children play, then feel free to bring a broom and sweep the sidewalks.  It’s great exercise!  Thank you to those who have already been helping to keep our park safe and clean!

Also, it is wonderful to see the spray deck being used on warm days – what a great addition it has been to our Park!  However, please consider refraining from pressing the spray deck “on sensor” if you or your children are not planning on going into the water on a cooler day.  For health reasons (children sometimes drink it), the water flowing out of the spray deck is fresh water (not recycled).  Only press if you’re going in! Thanks!