Hardisty School

Hardisty School, located at 10534 – 62 Street, offers programming for Kindergarten through to Grade 9. In additional to Hardisty’s regular programming, they have a variety of additional opportunities such as Logos Christian program, Strategies, Independent Support Program, Community Learning Skills, and French and Spanish for Grades 4 to 7. See their website for more information: … Read moreHardisty School



League Founded: 1958

First President: John Wheeler

The riverside community league of Capilano was formed in 1958.The league’s property at 10810-54th Street is adjacent to the Capilano Elementary School.  The school works hand in hand with the league on projects of common benefit, such as a unique community playground.

From its inception, Capilano offered residents a varied program of activities.Courses in handicrafts, creative dancing and physical fitness were arranged for all ages; annual picnics and ball tournaments were staged at the elementary school.The first annual winter carnival was held in 1960, presided over by Queen Terrylu Gerlitz.A teen club, headed up by President Michael Day, held dances and other socials starting in 1961.In the same year, the Ladies Auxiliary organized teas, fashion shows and a weekly bowling club.

Building for the future has long been a priority at Capilano Community League.The first clubhouse and rink were erected by volunteer labour in 1959.Two years later a two-storey addition was in place, allowing for a craft area and further dressing rooms.

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Capilano Tennis Club

Capilano Community League Tennis The Capilano Tennis Club, located next to the Capilano Community League hall at 10810 – 54 Street, provides opportunities to play both social and competitive tennis. We have four (4) outdoor courts (with lights and a well-equipped, modern clubhouse).  Our formal program runs from May through August each year, although the … Read moreCapilano Tennis Club


Capilano Community is part of the South East Community Leagues Association (SECLA), an organization made up of ten mature community leagues in South East Edmonton.SECLA is a not for profit organization listed under the Societies Act of Alberta. Find out about SECLA sponsored programs and activities, City sponsored programs and local community league activities on … Read moreSECLA