~ Capilano Community League – 2019 Annual Report to the Membership

Presented at the Capilano Community League AGM on May 15, 2019.

Good evening community members. We are so happy you could join our 2019 AGM to help celebrate another productive year in our amazing community. Capilano is a vibrant and welcoming community where lifelong connections are built; it is my opinion this is in large part due to the dedication and commitment of our community board and volunteers. Tonight I will share a few highlights from the past year to illustrate the great work our community league board and volunteers have done. For more detailed information please feel free to take a copy of the Annual Report.

We replaced our sewer line. We often forget about the importance of a good sewer line until it keeps backing up! And this year – back up is what it did – several times. Thankfully our guests and renters were all laid back and understanding while our hall managers Maria Lyrintzis and Marzena McKenzie organized and managed plumbers and clean up. With the persisting issues our Building and Grounds Director, Darren Somerville took the lead in managing the replacement of the line. $17000 later we now have a new sewer line from the building to the road and water is flowing once again. Luckily, we are fortunate to have the support of our grants coordinator, Allan Yee who has put together a CLIP grant that, if approved, will cover about half of the cost.

We began phase 2 of our lighting project. In addition to leading the surprise sewer line repair Darren has taken the lead on our lighting project putting together a scope of work and obtaining and reviewing quotes. In partnership with the Capilano Tennis Club we will be updating the lighting around the tennis courts and parking to ecoefficient LED lights. At the same time, we will be adding hand dryers to the bathrooms in the tennis club and main floor of the hall to reduce issues with toilets plugging.

We hosted several successful social events. Heather Somerville, our social director, is passionate about getting people together and her passion shines through the many social events she coordinates from our annual Chili Cook-Off to our recent Seniors Tea. All of our social events have been well attended and successful due to her leaderships and the helping hands of volunteers Laura Mercier, Jean Halko, Allan Yee, Maria Lyrintzis and Marzena McKenzie.

We welcomed a new Treasurer and SECLA Liasion. This year we welcomed two new members to our board: Kyle Yurkiw as our Treasurer and Monte Krueger as our SECLA Liaison.

We lost a community school. Sadly, last month the Edmonton Catholic School Board voted to close St. Gabriels Elementary school. Our community put in a valiant effort in hopes of preventing the closure. Over 120 people attended the school closure consultation meeting in January where many spoke about the impact a closure would have on our community. Our Board secretary, Laura Mercier, led the development of the Save our School parent group that put in an remarkable effort to increase enrollment and find solutions to prevent the closure. They put together a solid advertising campaign, supported the school in running their open house and developed a business plan for creating a viable school. Despite these efforts, the school board decided to close the Elementary school at the completion of this school year. Next year they will move the programs currently running at St. Margaret’s to St. Gabriel’s.

These are just a few highlights of the work our board and volunteers have done over the past year. It only scrapes the surface of what our committed, dedicated and passionate board members and volunteers do to foster our remarkable community. While the highlights only mention a few of our dedicated and committed community volunteers I want to stress there are many, many other people who freely give their time to building our community. We appreciate and are grateful for each and every one of our board members and volunteers. Without them – our community would be nothing more than neighborhood.

Finally, I want to share that I feel honored to be in the role of president of the Capilano Community League. I have made lasting friendships and have learned a great deal about board operations, sewer lines, and lighting. I look forward to moving into the next year and working with the board to refine and act on our strategic priorities and update our bylaws.

Respectfully submitted by: Kris Cramer, President.