~ Thank you Community Volunteers!

Volunteers are worth their weight in gold – we are grateful when new faces appear and saddened when familiar people move on to other adventures. This year Capilano Community League is saying goodbye to four committed community volunteers:

First, we would like to express our gratitude to Michelle Ware for her hard work as the League’s Webmaster. Over the past few years Michelle has put in countless hours to revamp, update and maintain our website. Michelle is a dedicated member of our community and her hard work and commitment will be missed. As an active member of our community we anticipate we will still get to see her at our community events and out on the Tennis courts.

The CCL would also like to express our thanks to Darren Somerville for all the time and effort he has put into maintaining our facilities as our building and grounds director. Over the past two years, Darren led a number of maintenance projects including upgrading the lighting for our rink and parking lot and recently, our sewer line replacement. We are grateful for Darren’s willingness to quickly and effectively address issues and for ensuring our facilities were well maintained. Always willing to lend a hand we know we will see Darren at our many social events.

We would like to thank Talia Davies for her time and effort updating and maintaining the babysitting registry over the past 3 years. From the time she took on the role she updated the registry, created a questionnaire for babysitters and families, and helped many parents enjoy a night out! Thank you Talia.

Additionally, we would like to thank Jaret Farris for his ongoing efforts as our ice allocator/ scheduler. Jaret seamlessly organized and coordinated the rink schedule for hockey practices, family use, shiny and open skates. As well, he scheduled and oversaw the rink attendants to ensure the rink was well maintained and open for use. We are grateful for the time and effort Jaret put in to ensure a successful outdoor rink season for our community members.

Finally, we would like to thank all of our rink attendants for their time opening, closing and maintaining the rink. Thanks for another wonderful skating season.