~ EPCOR’s Expansion Plans: more than a parking lot…?

In April 2018, a group of concerned residents and park-users–Save Gold Bar Park Alliance–began working together to raise awareness of EPCOR’s rezoning application for a portion of Gold Bar Park.  The application involves rezoning a parkland at the entrance of Gold Bar Park for plant expansion and parking.

Save Gold Bar Park Alliance held community meetings in May and June to share ideas and gain support for preserving parkland for residents and park-users.  Members also met with EPCOR and Councillor Ben Henderson to share concerns and pose questions from community, and clarify aspects of EPCOR’s expansion plans.

General feedback from attendees included:

  • –Great concern over the loss of protected parkland including a very popular singletrack trail, Moonraker, which is used by mountain bikers, trail runners, and hikers.
  • –Questions about whether EPCOR and the City have fully explored alternatives that would allow River Valley parkland to remain undisturbed; for example, using a parking lot within the park that is consistently underused and available when EPCOR requires parking.
  • –Concerns about expanded plant operations and the impact of increased traffic, noise, construction, and odour in Gold Bar Park as well as on communities in close proximity to the Gold Bar Plant, both south and north of the River.
  • –Questions about the rationale for recent changes in City plans regarding future wastewater management for the South East Sanitary Sewer (SESS) trunk line.  Recent City documents show a plan to bring a new sewer trunk line to Gold Bar rather than continue with the City’s longstanding plan to direct wastewater for new development to the Capital Region Wastewater Treatment Plant, which is located outside City limits, in a non-residential area, and has ample room and zoning for industrial growth.
  • –A need for more transparency from the City and EPCOR around intended Gold Bar Wastewater Treatment Plant expansion and the City’s long term plans for wastewater management of new residential neighbourhoods in southern Edmonton and the proposed annexed areas of Leduc county.

What can you do to save our precious River Valley parkland?

  • –Join our Facebook page at “Save Gold Bar Park Alliance,” or add your name to our updates list by contacting goldbarparkalliance@gmail.com
  • –Follow us on Twitter! @savegoldbar
  • –Read, sign and share the petition, at Change.org, at “Save Edmonton North Saskatchewan River Valley Parkland, STOP Gold Bar Park rezoning.”
  • –Write a letter to your City Councillor about your concerns (a template letter is available – just contact us at goldbarparkalliance@gmail.com).